Load Balancing Citrix StoreFront Servers

To add the second StoreFront server for load balancing with an existing StoreFront server, we need to create an Authorization code from the first server.

Enter the Authorization code to the second server.

Once the two StoreFront servers has been grouped, we can load balance these two servers with the NetScaler Gateway.
Open the NetScaler console and got to Traffic Management and expand Load Balancing. Click Servers and Add.

Give the two StoreFront servers host name and IP address and select Enable after adding.

Then we need to create a Monitor to monitor the services in the StoreFront servers.

Choose a name for the Monitor and select StoreFront as the Type. Select StoreFront Account Service.

​Then we need to create a Service Group to have a single health monitor to be attached to both servers.

In the Members tab select Server Based and add the servers.

In the Monitors tab and choose the previously created StoreFront monitor and click Add

​In the Advanaced tab select Override Global, uncheck Use Source IP.
Click Client IP Header and enter in X-Forwarded-For.

​In the SSL Settings tab select the SSL certificate and click Create.

​Select Virtual Servers from Load Balancing and Add a virtual server. Give the name and IP address.

Provide SSL for protocol and 443 for port.

​In the Sevvice Group tab select and activate the previously created StoreFront Service Group.

​​​In the Method and Persistence tab, give COOKIEINSERT for Persistence.

​​Create SSL certificate for the Virtual Servers to complete the process.


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Working as a Consultant - Citrix solutions architect with 18 years of experience in the IT industry. Expertise in Citrix products and Windows platform.
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