Increase Data Retention Period in Citrix Director

Citrix Director is the most powerful tool to get much historical data and current information in Citrix environment. It helps collecting the data and provide reports and information in the understandable format.

We can increase the data retention period in Citrix Director from the default 90 days to 365 days and get the report for one complete year. This is not due to the kind of Citrix license we purchased, but we have to set the configuration via PowerShell.

Run these Powershell commands on the Citrix Delivery Controller Server:

Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomApplicationInstanceRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomDeletedRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomFailuresRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomLoadIndexesRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomMachineHotfixLogRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomMachineMetricDaySummaryDataRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomNotificationLogRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomResourceUsageDayDataRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomSessionsRetentionDays 365
Set-MonitorConfiguration GroomSummariesRetentionDays 365

After running these commands we need to reboot the server or need to restart the Citrix monitoring service.


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