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Citrix Provisioning Services Boot Process

The PVS target device acquires an IP address using the DORA Process (Discover, Offer, Request and Acknowledge) 1. The Target Device broadcasts DHCP Discover packets. 2. The DHCP Server sends a DHCP offer packet to the Target Device with the … Continue reading

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Citrix XenApp shadow failed with error code 120

Mostly this issue would be caused by the end user having multi monitors: This may be due to the change to the server, either by a removal of the farm, or a misconfiguration which causes a registry key to … Continue reading

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Connection Quality Indicator

Connection Quality Indicator In Citrix environment the published applications would be deployed across the network utilizing physical application servers and numerous workstations and connectivity can be reduced in session basis. Connection Quality Indicator tool provides feedback to the user when … Continue reading

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Write Cache in Provisioning Services Server

In PVS, write cache describes all the cache modes. The write cache includes data written by the target device and the user data. In vDisk caching mode, the data is not written back to the base vDisk. Instead, it is … Continue reading

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Citrix SMA Service not starting

If SMA service could not be started and getting the below error message: “The Citrix SMA Service service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance … Continue reading

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