Citrix 7.X – Upgrade Sequence and Procedures


Back up the site, monitoring and configuration logging databases.

Microsoft SQL Server Express LocalDB is installed automatically, the new version must be at least SQL Server Express 2017 LocalDB CU16

Ensure that your Citrix licensing is up-to-date

Preliminary site tests

When we upgrade Delivery Controllers and a site, preliminary site tests run before the actual upgrade begins. These tests verify:

• The site database can be reached and has been backed up
• Connections to essential Citrix services are working correctly
• The Citrix License Server address is available
• The configuration logging database can be reached

After the tests run, we can view a report of the results. We can then fix any issues that were detected, and run the tests again. Failure to run the preliminary site tests and then resolve any issues can impact the Citrix site functionality.

The report containing the test results, it is an HTML file (PreliminarySiteTestResult.html) in the same directory as the installation logs and the file is created or overwritten.

SQL Server version check – Upgrading SQL Server or Replace SQL Server Express LocalDB

These are the steps in upgrading Citrix 7.X.

  1. Upgrade StoreFront
  2. Upgrade Director
  3. Upgrade Citrix Provisioning
  4. Upgrade half of Delivery Controllers
  5. Upgrade Studio
  6. Upgrade database and site
  7. Upgrade remaining Delivery Controllers
  8. Upgrade VDAs
  9. Update machine catalogs and Delivery Groups

The upgrade causes only a brief interruption in establishing new client connections during the final database upgrade steps. The upgraded Controllers cannot process requests until the entire site is upgraded. So if your site has only one Controller, it is inoperable during the upgrade. During a database upgrade, product services are disabled. During that time, Controllers cannot broker new connections and require downtime.


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