How to Install a SSL Certificate on a NetScaler

To create and install certificate log on to the NetScaler appliance as nsroot.
We can also copy or paste the CSR or server certificate to the /nsconfig/ssl directory on the NetScaler directly using any third-party file transfer utility such as WinSCP.

1. Create a Rivest, Shamir and Adleman (RSA) or Digital Signature Algorithm (DSA) key.
2. Create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR).
3. Send CSR to Certificate Authority (CA) and receive the server certificate from the CA.
4. Install server certificate on the required appliance.
5. Creating a Certificate-Key Pair.

Creating RSA Key

1. Select the SSL node.









2. Click the Create RSA Key in SSL Key options on the SSL page.









3. Specify the Key Filename and Key Size such as 1024 or 2048 bits.
4. Select the PEM key format.
5. Click Create and Close.

Creating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

1. Select SSL node and click Create Certificate Request in the SSL Certificate option.
2. In Request File Name field, provide file name of the CSR file.



















3. In the Key File Name field, specify the RSA Key we have created.
4. Select PEM Key format.
5. Give the company’s details in the Distinuished Name field.
6. Click Create and Close.
The file is created in the /nsconfig/ssl directory.

Installing the Server Certificate

1. Select the SSL node and click on the Manage Certificate/Keys/CSRs link.
2. Click Upload and select the server certificate.

Creating a Certificate-Key Pair

1. Expand the SSL node and select the Certificates.
2. On the Certificates page, click Add.










3. Specify the Certificate-Key Pair Name.
4. In the Details, specify the appropriate files names for the certificate and private key.
5. Select PEM format.
6. Click Install and Close.


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