Configuration Logging in XenApp 6.5

When multiple administrators make modifications to a XenApp farm, Citrix recommends implementing Configuration Logging. With Configuration Logging we can track the changes that each administrator has made to the Citrix farm and connecting any subsequent issues reported and it is easy to identify any modifications that may need to be rolled back.

Creating the XenApp configuration logging database

The Configuration Logging feature supports Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio and create a New Database.

Expand the Security node and right click login and then select the New Login.

Grant dbo_owner access for the user to the database.

Configure the Configuration Logging database connection

Now that the configuration logging database has been created we need to configure XenApp to create database schema, tables, and stored procedures. When the first time the Configuration Logging feature is enabled, it connects to the Configuration Logging database and discovers that the database schema does not exist. XenApp then creates the database schema, tables, and stored procedures.

In the AppCentre Console, right click the farm and get the Farm properties.


Select configuration logging and open the Configure Database.


Give the SQL server name, credential and the Database name. Disable encryption and test the database connectivity.

To enable Configuration Logging, select the Log administrative tasks to Configuration Logging database check box. If you want administrators to be able to make changes to the server farm when log entries cannot be saved to the Configuration Logging database, select the Allow changes to the farm when logging database is disconnected check box. To prompt administrators to enter their credentials before clearing the log, select the require administrators to enter database credentials before clearing the log check box.


To run a report right click the History Node and click Get Log. This will generate a configuration log entry of administrative tasks performed on the XenApp Farm.


The configuration log entries are displayed in chronological order, more details about each event can be found in the information panel below.


You can also save an existing configuration log in to a XML file and clear the configuration log entries from the console. It requires administrators to enter database credentials before clearing the log.


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