Explain Citrix Load Levels?

We can get Citrix Load levels from QSERVER /APP and QFARM /APP at the command prompt.

Load values can be in between 0-10000.

The following are explanations of the load levels:

9999          : No load balancing installed
0 to 9998  : “normal” load level
10000!      : Application is disabled for this server
10000       : Load is at 100%
10001        : Out of licenses
10002       : Indicates that no ICA connections, listener is disabled, are available on that server.

A few other conditions also cause this code to be returned:

1. If logons have been disabled on the server
2. If the server is out of swap space – check load balancing administration and change page file from 2097152 to 500 on the problem server. If the application is disabled
3. If it is an anonymous application and no logon allowed for anonymous users
4. For multi-homed servers, the selection for LAN adapter is “All network adapters configured for this protocol” instead of a specific LAN adapter
5. Check the connection limit on all listener ports (ICA and RDP) because this has been found to affect the load balancing parameters and cause the 10002 load level.
6. If the connection limit has been changed from “unlimited” to “2,” you may not be able to connect to a published application and will get the error message: “Cannot connect to the Citrix server. The Citrix server you have selected cannot be located.”
*You may also delete and recreate the listeners for that protocol and reorganize the page file. If the servers are built from a ghosted image, it may be necessary to delete the page file, recreate the page file, and reboot the server.


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Working as a Consultant - Citrix solutions architect with 18 years of experience in the IT industry. Expertise in Citrix products and Windows platform.
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