Application launch process in XenApp 6

The application listing and displaying process is as follows:

1. A user launches the Web Interface, it returns the logon page.
2. When the user types in credentials, it is forwarded from XML then to IMA service in HTTP (or HTTPS) form.
3. The IMA then forwards the credential data to local Lsass.exe (lsass.exe” is the Local Security Authentication Server. It verifies the validity of user logons to your PC or server).
4. The Lsass.exe encrypts the credentials then passes them to the domain controller.
5. The DC returns the SIDs (user’s SID and the list of group SIDs) to Lsass.exe and to IMA.
6. IMA used the SIDs to search the Local Host Cache (LHC) for a list of applications and the Worker Group Preference policy for that authenticated user.
7. The list of the applications together with the user’s worker group preference policy are returned to the Web Interface.
8. The Web Interface returns the web page to the web browser with the list of applications

The application launch process is as follows:

1. When a user clicks the application icon, the selected application data is passed back to WI.
2. Web Interface passes the application information together with the user’s Worker Group Preference policy back to IMA on the XML broker server.
3. It then forwards to the IMA service on the Zone Data Collector.
4. The Zone Data Collector tries to find out a least loaded server according to the Worker Group preference list.
5. When it finds the least loaded server, it sends a query to the Citrix Service Manager of that server to verify whether the server has the required application installed, if the answer is yes, it then provides this server’s host ID to the XML broker.
6. The XML broker translates this host ID into it’s IP address by searching the LHC.
7. The IP address is then provided to Web Interface and it creates the ICA file.
8. The ICA file is then returned to Web browser on the client machine.
9. Citrix online Web plug-in uses the ICA file to launch an ICA connection to the least loaded XenApp server.
10. The XenApp server launches the application for the user



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