Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition cover box

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“WINS” is Windows Internet Name Service.  DNS is Domain Naming Service.

WINS and DNS are both name resolution services for TCP/IP networks. While WINS resolves names in the NetBIOS namespace, DNS resolves names in the DNS domain namespace. WINS primarily supports clients that run older versions of Windows and applications that use NetBIOS. Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 use DNS names in addition to NetBIOS names. Environments that include some computers that use NetBIOS names and other computers that use domain names must include both WINS servers and DNS servers

WINS help Windows NT Client and Servers to locate DC. NetBIOS looks for its name resolution from a WINS server. DNS helps applications like web browser and email clients to located web and mail servers Winsock looks for its name resolution from a DNS server. PING is a Winsock command.


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