MCS process flow

The machine creation process is as follows for pooled-static, pooled-random or dedicated desktop:

1. Create master VM with OS, applications and all configurations.

2. Launch Desktop Studio; Create a Catalog.

3. Select the master VM.

4. MCS automatically creates a snapshot (thin) of the master VM.

5. MCS creates a full copy of the snapshot and places this on each storage repository defined in the host connection. This will utilize the amount of space used for your complete image.

6. MCS adds these desktops into Active Directory. This step creates the unique AD identities to be used later in the process.

7. MCS creates the number of VMs specified in the “Create Catalog Wizard” with 2 disks defined for each VM. However, in addition to the 2 disks for each VM, a master will also be stored in the same storage repository.

If you have multiple storage repositories defined, then each one will get the following types of disks:

  1. The full snapshot (read-only) of the master VM. Each storage repository will get one.
  2. A unique Identity Disk (16MB) used to provide each VM with a unique identity. The functionality within the XenDesktop Controllers creates the Identity Disks.
  3. A unique Difference Disk used to store any writes made to the VM. The disk is thin provisioned and will increase to the maximum size of the base VM if required.

8. MCS adds these newly created desktops into Active Directory, utilizing the identities created


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